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Welcome to WeAre Embroidery and Printing

This is all new to me.  “Get out there” they said.  “Tell people what’s going on, it’s interesting!”

I however have yet to be convinced.  Life here isn’t particularly exciting, but I’ll give it a go, maybe it could be fun…but if it’s not…I’ll stop!

Anyway lets introduce everyone here..my name is Theresa and I run WeAre Embroidery and Printing.  I have been running the business since 2003 when I realised that nothing I could could buy had my daughter’s name on.  You see we named her Rose, not Rosie.  There’s plenty of Rosie items, but lose the I and you struggle.  So I bought a small Janome single needle machine and started to personalise a few bits for her….back then the business was called “Pudding and Pie”.  I wanted something that people would remember and as my son was called George (Georgie Porgie…Pudding and Pie) it seemed like a good plan.  It was a good plan, everyone remembered the name, but assumed I made cakes!

At a social event locally I was chatting with my friend Sue and she put the idea for WeAre Embroidery into my head and it wouldn’t quit, so after checking that she was happy for me to steal her idea, WeAre Embroidery (based in Weare, Somerset) was born.  Strangely enough the name change has really made such a difference; it’s as much of a talking point at Pudding and Pie, but for all the right reasons!

The past 15 years have seen many changes, not least expanding the business into printing as well as embroidery.  The printing is fun, but my heart belongs to the embroidery.  I have now gone from my one single needle machine to 4 PR multi head machines, and my girls all have their own names and characteristics…Morticia, Sabrina, Endora & Winifred.  All named after fictional witches and leaving lots of options for new friends to be added.  As yet the printers have no names, maybe that’s because they are not yet part of our family?

Anyway enough of my silliness, there’s work to be done so girls it’s time to sort yourselves out and get on with it!

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